Christmas is a Christian religious feast, in which the Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus the Nazarene.


The Christians say that Jesus the Nazarene is God.


Jesus the Nazarene is not God, because God is the creator of all things, and Jesus the Nazarene is a man, and the man is a creature, so that Jesus the Nazarene cannot be God, because it is totally impossible the creature to be the creator, and it is totally impossible the creator to be the creature. That is a logical impossibility.


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Therefore, it is verified that Christmas is a feast for a false god.


It is written in the Bible, in Exodus 20:3, that God commanded that we do not have other gods before Him.


Who celebrates Christmas, is celebrating a religious feast for another god, who is not the only true God, Yahveh, the creator of all things, and thus is violating the commandment of God, that is in Exodus 20:3.


Therefore, it is not allowed to celebrate the Christmas.


Consequently, it is not allowed to set Christmas tree, because to set Christmas tree is a way of celebrating Christmas.


Yahveh bless you.


Jo„o Paulo Fernandes Pontes (Hebrew name: Yochanan Ben Yosef).


Published in February 17, 2012.


Updated in June 29, 2014.






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