It is written in the Bible, in Exodus 25:8:††


Therefore, we see that God commanded the Israelites to build a Sanctuary for Him.

This sanctuary was built, under the command of Moses, when the Israelites were walking in the desert of Sinai, after they went out from Egypt (Exodus, chapters 36 to 39).

This sanctuary was a tent, called Tent of the Meeting (in Hebrew it is Ohel Moed).

Later, after the Israelites entered in the Land of Canaan, king David built a palace for himself, and later he thought that it was not correct that he inhabited in a house made of stones and wood, and the ark of God inhabited in a tent, and then David intended to build a temple for God.

He manifested to God this intention of him, and God approved this idea, but He said that who would build the Temple would not be David, because David had poured much blood, because he struggled in many wars, but the son of David, Salomon (2 Samuel 7:1-14).

Then, David prepared the materials for the construction of the Temple of God.

After David's death, his son Salomon became king, and built the Temple of God, in Mount Moriah, in Jerusalem.

The place where the Temple was built was chosen by God, it was the place where an angel appeared for David, and God commanded David to raise an altar to Him in that place (1 Chronicles 21:16-18).

After the Temple was built and inaugurated, God appeared to Salomon, and said that He had sanctified that Temple, to place His name there forever, and he said that His eyes and His heart will be there every day (1 Kings 9:3).

In Deuteronomy, chapter 12, God commanded that all the offerings for Him, sacrifices and oblations, tithes and firstlings, must be brought to the place that He would choose to put His name there, and this place is the Temple of Yahveh, in Mount Moriah, in Jerusalem.

Later, the people of Israel sinned gravely, worshipping also other gods, besides Yahveh, violating the commandment of Yahveh, who said: ďThou shalt have no other gods before me" (Exodus 20:3), and because of this God punished His people, and allowed the babylonians to defeat the Jews in the war, and then they destroyed the city of Jerusalem, and they destroyed the Temple of God (2 Kings 25:9 and 2 Chronicles 36:19).

Seventy years later, God allowed the Jews to go back to their land, and then the Temple of God was reconstructed, in the same place, under the command of Zorobabel (Ezra 3:8-13).

The Temple reconstructed by Zorobabel is called the Second Temple.

Later, in the year 70 A.D., the Temple of God was destroyed by the Romans.

This destruction of the Second Temple had already been predicted by God, through the prophet Daniel, in Daniel 9:26.

However, the commandment of God, that is in Exodus 25:8, of building a Sanctuary for Him, stays, so that the Israelites must reconstruct the Temple of God, in the same place, that is the place that He chose to put His name there.

When the Jews got to recover the ownership of Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount), in 1967, they should have reconstructed the Temple of God immediately, and the fact that they did not do this was a serious fault, and therefore the Jews must reconstruct the Temple of God as soon as possible, to repair this fault.

In Daniel 9:27, God said that before the coming of the Messiah, His Temple will be reconstructed, and will be profaned by a Roman prince, that is the Antichrist.

Therefore, if we want that Mashiach (Messiah) come soon, we must collaborate for the reconstruction of the Sanctuary of God, in Jerusalem.

Two organizations exist in Israel, that are acting to reconstruct the Temple of God, in Jerusalem.

One of them is called The Temple Institute, and it is reconstructing all the utensils of the Temple of God. They already reconstructed the Ark of God, the chandelier of seven lamps, the altar of the incense, and they are almost finishing reconstructing all the utensils, and the priestly garments. They are reconstructing the breastplate of the judgement, that must be used by the High Priest.††

The other organization is called The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement, and it is making a movement of popularization of the cause of the reconstruction of the Temple of God, and is pleading the Government of Israel and the members of the Kneset (Congress of Israel), that they take action to the reconstruction of the Temple.

You can collaborate for the reconstruction of the Temple, divulging the cause of the reconstruction, and collaborating financially for one of these two organizations, or for both.

The sites of these two organizations in the internet are the following ones:††††††


Some rabbis say that it is forbidden for Jews to visit the Temple Mount (Har haBayit) because the Mount is holy and people are not pure.


However, this opinion is not correct.


The Temple Mount was chosen by God to be the holy place, but now it is profaned, since the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE, and it will continue to be profane until the construction and consecration of the new Temple (the Third Temple).


So, the State of Israel must build the Temple and deliver it to the cohanim (priests) in order that they consecrate it, and thenceforth only purified people will be allowed to enter the Sanctuary.


Yahveh bless you.


Author: Jo„o Paulo Fernandes Pontes (Hebrew name: Yochanan Ben Yosef).


E-mail: .


Published in August 7, 2008.


Updated in December 4, 2016.






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