Dear siblings. 


Shalom aleikhem. 


In Kabbalah there are many things wrong, and very wrong. 


Many of the practices of the Kabbalah are forms of divination (numerology, astrology), or of enchantments, or of omens (use of objects that give luck, or that remove the evil eye), and God prohibited expressly that we practice any kind of divination, omens, enchantments, magic, sorcery, etc. (Deuteronomy 18:10-12). 


Moreover, in the Kabbalah they say that reincarnation exists, what is a great lie, because in Daniel 12:2 it is written that there will be resurrection of the deads, and no reincarnation. 


The reincarnation is a diabolical doctrine, that Satan invented to deceive people, in order that they do not prepare themselves for the final judgement. 


It is necessary that all people become aware that the term that they have to get right with God, stopping sinning and starting to fulfill all the commandments of God, is only until the moment of their death. 


Those who believe in the reincarnation stay relaxed, thinking that if they die without converting to God, there will be no problem, because they will can reincarnate how many times will be necessary for them to perfect themselves. 


So, through this belief in the false doctrine of the reincarnation, the Satan succeeds in taking many people to perdition. 


In reality Kabbalah is the people of Israel committing the same abominations that the gentiles commit. 


The practice of doing requests to angels is sin of polytheism, because those who make requests to angels are deifying the angels, and having the angels as their gods, so violating the commandment of God that is in Exodus 20:3, where He said: “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me". 


And the practice of doing requests to rabbis that already died is sin of polytheism, because those who make requests to the dead are deifying the dead, and are having them as their gods, because they are believing that the dead have supernatural powers to solve their troubles, and is also violation of the commandment that is in Deuteronomy 18:12, where God prohibited to make requests to the dead.


The verse 1 Samuel 28:13 shows that those who make requests to the dead consider them as gods.


Yahveh bless you.


Published in July 1, 2017.


Updated in October 24, 2022.


Author: João Paulo Fernandes Pontes (Hebrew name: Yochanan Ben Yosef).


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