It is written in Leviticus 20:13 that God said: “And if a man lie with man as with woman, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them”.


So, it is very clear that the homosexuality is not innate, and is a sin.


The fact that God said that the homosexual sex between two men is a crime, punished with the death penalty (Leviticus 20:13) proves that homosexuality is not innate and that there is no same sex attraction, because God would not prohibit something that He had created.


So, if someone thinks that has same sex attraction, this person is wrong, because this alleged same sex attraction is an illusion, fruit of his imagination.


If someone thinks that is homosexual, we must explain those things to that person, and he will understand that in fact he is not homosexual, and when he get married and begin to make sex with his wife, he will see that the thoughts that he had, when he thought that he was homosexual, were wrong thoughts, fruits of his imagination.


There are people who say that the homosexuals are such because they have been born thus. 


However, there is no physical difference between a homosexual man and a heterosexual man. This already was verified scientifically. 


It is proven scientifically that there are many cases of identical twins (monozygotic twins) where one is homosexual and the other is heterosexual. 


This excludes the possibility that the cause of the homosexuality is genetic, because the identical twins have equal genomes, so, if the cause of the homosexuality were genetic, the identical twin brother of a homosexual necessarily would be homosexual also, and this does not happen, on the contrary, in the majority of the cases in which one of the identical twins is homosexual, the other identical twin are heterosexual. 


This also excludes the possibility that the homosexuality is congenital, caused by existing conditions during the gestation, because the identical twins are gestated together, in the same conditions, so that if the homosexuality were congenital, when an identical twin were homosexual, the other identical twin also would be homosexual, necessarily, and this does not happen, because in the majority of the cases in which an identical twin is homosexual, the other identical twin is heterosexual, as already was demonstrated scientifically. 


Therefore, we see that the homosexuals are such because they want to be such, or because they believe that they have been born homosexual. 


The fact that many people say that some people are born homosexuals causes that some people, when hearing this, think that they have been born homosexual and start to practice the homosexuality. 


This causes homosexuality to propagate itself through the propaganda of this false thesis that says that some people have been born homosexual. 


The homosexuality can be considered a psychological illness, because the homosexuality prevents the person affected by it from procreating. 


As from the 1980s, the medical associations ceased to consider homosexuality an illness, but this occurred because of pressure from the gay movement, because it is obvious that an abnormal behavior which causes the patient to lose the reproductive function, which is one of the most basic and fundamental functions of a living being, it is an illness, and is a very serious illness. 

The fact that they did not succeed in discovering what is the cause of homosexuality and what is the way to cure it does not authorize to say that it is not an illness.


In truth, the homosexuality is a sin, and is a psychological illness, caused by the homosexual ideology, which says that some people are born homosexual. The homosexual ideology acts as an ideological virus that contaminates the persons, causing them to think that they are homosexuals, and thus to become homosexuals. 


Many people are contaminated by the ideological virus of the homosexuality when they still are adolescents or children.


Unfortunately, nowadays there is much propaganda of the homosexual ideology, and therefore the number of homosexuals is growing, that is an epidemic of homosexuality, and many children and adolescents and adults are being infected by the ideological virus of the homosexuality and are becoming homosexuals. 


But who believes in God and in the Bible, knows that in truth the homosexuality is simply a sin, and that nobody is born homosexual, and thus is free from being affected by this very serious psychological, ideological and spiritual illness, called homosexuality.


Yahveh bless you.


João Paulo Fernandes Pontes.


Published in February 26, 2010.


Updated in June 3, 2011.






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