It is proven that the theory of evolution is false, because Genetics proves that the descendants always are of the same species of their ascendants, so that it is totally impossible a species to be descendant of other species.

All the known examples of natural selection happened inside of the same species, inside of the range of alleles that exist in the same species, and in none observed case there was transformation of a species into another species. In all cases there was just appearance of a different race of the same species.


The evolutionists say that a species transforms into another species through mutations, but in the case of the living beings that reproduce sexually, this is totally impossible to happen, because if through mutations an individual of a species transform into an individual of a new species, it cannot reproduce, because there will not be an individual of the opposite sex of the new species to mate with it, and the mating between individuals of different species is infertile (or produces infertile offspring, as in the case of the mating between the donkey and the horse, that produces the mule, that is infertile).

Moreover, it is proven that is false the affirmation of evolutionists, that the first cell arose from not living matter, because Pasteur proved that there is no spontaneous generation of living beings starting from not living matter.

And at every moment we prove this again, when we sterilize objects, and we verify that in fact in a sterile environment do not arise living beings, and that the living beings only can arise from other living beings of the same species.

Therefore, the only possible explanation for the existence of the living beings is that God has created them.

The universe could not have arisen from nothing.

Therefore, or the universe always existed, or it was created by a person who always existed.

It is proven that the universe does not exist since always, because it is proven that the stars tend to extinguish, and the second law of the thermodynamics shows that all the things tend to become disorganized, so that if the universe existed since always, the stars would be already quenched, and the universe would be already totally disorganized.

The fact that the stars are still shining, and that the universe is still organized, proves that it was created by a person who has existed since always.

That is what the true Science proves.

The theory of evolution is totally unscientific, and is a ridiculous superstition used by the Atheists and by the impious, to deceive themselves, to think that they do not need to obey the commandments of God, which are in the Bible.


God bless you.


Jo„o Paulo Fernandes Pontes.




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