Some people say that reincarnation exists.


However, this is not true, because in Daniel 12:2 it is written that there will be resurrection of the dead, and not reincarnation.


The man is composed of body, soul and spirit.


The result of the union of the body with the spirit is the soul.††


A man is a soul, because he has body and spirit (Genesis 2:7).††


The soul is the life.††


When the spirit leaves the body, the man dies, that is, the soul of the man dies (Ezequiel 18:4), and the man becomes lifeless, that is, soulless, and only the dead body remains.††


The dead cannot do anything, and are as if they were sleeping, until the day of the resurrection, when they will be awakened by God (Psalms 115:17, Job 3:11-19, Ecclesiastes 9:5 and Daniel 12:2).


The dead cannot speak, nor to hear, nor to make anything, because it is written in Psalms 115:17 that the deceased do not praise God, and that when a person dies he goes down to silence, and it is written in Job 3:11-19 that the dead rest and sleep, and that the bad ones that have died cease to disturb, and it is written in Ecclesiastes 9:5 that the dead do not know anything, and it is written in Daniel 12:2 that the dead are sleeping in the dust of the earth, and will only awaken in the end of times, when God will resurrect the dead.††


In the resurrection, the dead will be resurrected in flesh.††


The human being is flesh (Genesis 6:3).


The spirit of a person only is the spirit of that person because it is animating the body of that person.††


Therefore, the doctrine of the reincarnation is totally absurd, because the identity of each person is in his body, and it is not possible the spirit of a person to incarnate in another person.


The reincarnation is a diabolical doctrine, that the Satan invented to deceive the people, so that they do not prepare themselves for the final judgment.


It is necessary that all people become aware that the term that they have to right themselves with God, ceasing to sin and starting to fulfill all the commandments of God, is only until the moment of their death.


Those who believe in the reincarnation are relaxed, thinking that if they die without converting to God, they will not have problem, because they will be able to reincarnate how many times it will be necessary for them to become perfect.


Thus, through this belief in the false doctrine of the reincarnation, Satan gets to take many people to perdition.


Therefore, do not believe in the false doctrine of the reincarnation, and convert immediately to God, starting to obey all His commandments, that are in His law (Torah), that is in the five first books of the Bible.


Yahveh bless you.


Jo„o Paulo Fernandes Pontes.


Published in August 1, 2011.


Updated in August 3, 2011.






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