The theory of creation is scientifically proven, because it is the only one able to explain the existence of the things that exist.††††


It would be impossible that in a moment there were nothing and in the next moment all things start to exist, that is, it would be impossible that the universe had appeared out of nothing.


If the universe existed since always, all the stars would already be quenched, because the science has proved that stars generate energy transforming hydrogen into helium, so that if the stars existed since ever, all their hydrogen would have already been transformed into helium and all of them would already be quenched long ago.


Therefore, the only possible explanation for the existence of the things that exist is that God has always existed and created the things that exist.


Also it would be totally impossible that the first cell had appeared by chance, from non-living matter, because the cell has a very complex structure, and the science has already proven that there is no spontaneous generation (or abiogenesis), that is, that living beings do not appear from non-living matter, and the science already proved that living beings always originate from other living beings of the same species.


The theory of creation is mentioned in the Bible, because there it is written that God said that He created all things that exist, but the theory of creation does not depend only on the Bible to be proven, because the things that exist prove that the theory of creation is true, and several scientific discoveries already made by man prove that the theory of creation is true.


Yahveh bless you.


Jo„o Paulo Fernandes Pontes (Hebrew name: Yochanan Ben Yosef).


Published in March 15, 2016.


Updated in March 21, 2016.






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